Top 5 Reads to Start Your Day

It's Wednesday, how about a few stories to breakup the week. These are some interesting reads we thought you'd like. Enjoy!

Programming isn’t easy, coding is
“Experience has taught me that I was slashing, hacking, and pounding keys with vigor, but I wasn’t programming. ” Great narrative every programmer can relate to.

IoT: The Internet of (Every)thing? This quick read has some valid points to think about before jumping into your next IoT venture. She nailed it.

What is Docker and How to Use it With Python (Tutorial) Software engineer Alexander Ryabtsev reminds us how awesome docker is and why you are making your life harder if you are not utilizing this amazing tool.

How I rediscovered my love for JavaScript after throwing 90% of it in the trash. One man's account of the true magic of JS and how functional programing changed his life.

Slack introduces shared channels to let companies collaborate This is great news! Collaboration is key to success!

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