The Advantages of Being a Women Coder

Today, July 10, is the birthday of Eva Ekeblad. In 1746 she discovered a method for making flour and alcohol out of potatoes, significantly reducing Sweden's incidence of famine. Many women have influenced the world of math and science; Grace Hopper, Marie Curie, Emilie du Châtelet, Emmy Noether, Edith Clarke and the list goes on. Even though many amazing female minds have influenced our world of science and technology, the numbers of men vs women working in these field are nowhere close to 50/50.

This figure is from 2009 showing only 24% of STEM jobs being held by women.


It is only natural that women should make up a larger part of the STEM community. It has been suggested that generally women have a higher attention to detail and are more open to seek advice from others. Attention to detail, collaboration, and revision are the basic concepts of the scientific method.

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Coding is a skill that is growing in popularity. In today's world every business is in need of a website, and most need an application for their products or services. Coders are employed in all fields of business.

Being a web developer use to sound like a foreign concept to me. I imagined it being some guy typing away in a dark room. It is time to change that perception. Being a web developer means creating your own schedule, working from anywhere with an internet connection, having great attention to detail, and being flexible. Becoming a coder and working in the field has many advantages.

I have met so many women recently who have become coders after other careers. Coding has given them the freedom to live their lives the way they want to. They have been able to work from home, make more money and they are good at their job. With coding bootcamps popping up everywhere, you can learn these skills fairly quickly; some in as little as 8 weeks.

Even learning something easy like HTML opens a variety of doors. There are local groups like Girl Develop It, and Women Who Code that focus on getting women involved in coding. I have personally taken and helped at the Girl Develop It ABQ and I enjoy the environment and the classes.

We live in a world where it is okay to wear pink and like math. It is cool to be smart, strong, and self sufficient. Maybe if you haven't thought about it, coding might be an option.


Here is another cool article a woman wrote about how coding has taken her all over the world. Literally she travels all over the world, and coding has made that possible for her.