Node / Angular with Digital Garage

This tutorial will show you how to deploy your code with Digital Garage. The platform is powered by Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. Following this simple guide will provide some information to easily get an app up and running very quickly.

Before we begin

This setup assumes you have:

  • A working app on your git versioning service.
  • Your app server is listening @ port 8080
  • Since we are using Node, entry point is 'index.js'

Login & Dashboard

First let's log into Digital Garage

After logging in, you will be directed to your dashboard. The dashboard displays all your projects, regardless whether or not they are deployed.

To create your new project click on the orange folder in the top-right-hand corner. This will bring you to the project creation.

Project Creation

This is the project creation form:

  • Name: The name must be lowercase, and may not contain spaces or uppercase letters.
  • Display Name: The name of your project, as will appear on your dashboard.
  • Description: A description of the project you are creating.

After clicking the button, Digital Garage will bring you to the specifics of building your app.

Environment Selection

Digital Garage needs to know what type of app you are building. The catalog page provides a list of environments for you to use.

  • Browse Catalog: Simply find a build that corresponds to your environment, then click to begin the builder.
  • Deploy Image: If you have an image of your build, you can deploy it through here.
  • Import YAML/JSON: Using a YAML or a JSON template this is also where you can construct your build and parameters.

We will be using the node 6.3.1 builder provided by Digital Garage for this build.

You can use the search to quickly filter the list of environments to find the one that is right for your needs.

After selecting your build environment, Digital Garage will need some details.

Build Details

You can describe the details about your app here, and setup a connection to your github

  • Name: Only lowercase, no symbols, spine-case accepted.
  • Git Repository URL: The URL where your git repository, with your app, is located.

If your entry point is on a particular branch or subfolder, you can click the link.

  • Git Reference: If you want to deploy from a specific branch, specify the branch here.
  • Context Dir: If your app's 'index.js' is in a subfolder, specify its location here.

Scroll to the bottom and click button to begin building your app!

Digital Garage will direct you to an "Application Created" page, where your project will begin building.

Clicking will bring you the overview of your app and give you access to more options.


Digital Garage allows you to watch your logs while it builds your app. Select the "View Log" and watch as the build progresses.

Once the app is done building, you will see in the logs.

Select the "Overview" in the sidebar menu to go back to the overview.

Your app should now be deployed!

Click the link in the top-right corner of the of the build and view your newly deployed app!