If You Don't Use Docker, This is Why You Need to Start Now!

"Docker is awesome!"

That is what my brother said when I told him I was working on a platform based on Docker and Kubernetes. He is right, Docker is awesome.

I just recently started working in cloud computing and development, about a year ago. It is strange to me though that so many people are not using Docker containers. I realize that people get set in their ways, but containerized development makes your life SO MUCH EASIER.

With containers everything for your software to run is neatly packaged, but unlike a virtual machine you don't have a clunky operating system with it. Containers take up much less space than a VM and start immediately. This makes for easy to manage and move packages, which has numerous benefits.

![neatly wrapped boxes](https://s18.postimg.org/eus731m7d/boxes.jpg)

One of my favorite features is the ability to facilitate working as a team. You can isolate software in development phase from software in staging phases. Each member of a team can work on their piece of software without dispute.

Another awesome quality Docker has is that it automates those pesky repetitive tasks that come with setting up and configuring environments. It sounds crazy but a coder can actually just focus on coding. For our company we use this as one of our mantras "Deploy Applications, Not Infrastructure." Developers have no need to install or configure complex databases or worry about the compatibility of the language toolchain versions.

Docker also allows for developers to find their bugs faster. Anyone reading this can agree that fixing a problem faster is a good thing.

With all the benefits of Docker it is crazy that more people aren't utilizing it. This is the future of development and with easy to use platforms like Digital Garage building applications is faster than ever.

Like I said in the title, if you aren't using Docker, you need to start now!

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