How to Make Apps Faster Than Ever Before!

Instant Apps

Get going faster with Digital Garage Instant Applications

Digital Garage provides quick ways to build whole applications with just one click. That's right with only one click you can have an application running and ready to go. This tutorial will show you how to create an instant application with Digital Garage.


  • A Digital Garage account

Step 1 - Go to Dashboard

After login into Digital Garage, the first section you will see is the Dashboard

image alt text

Step 2 - Go to Instant Applications

You just have to click image alt text to see the list of available instant applications

image alt text

Step 3 - Create instant application

Click the Create button to build your application. All the instant applications have a little cost, if your user account has a credit card registered, Digital Garage will charge a new subscription automatically.

Once the application is created, the system takes you back to Dashboard. In this example a Wordpress was created.

image alt text

If you don't have a credit card you can apply a Discount coupon, then you just have to click Subscribe:

image alt text

Step 4 - Test your application

Click image alt text( the GO/CODE button) to go to the web console of Digital Garage. You will see something like this:

image alt text

As you can see, there is an URL you can use to access your application. Click in that URL and you will see the app is running and ready to go:

image alt text