Digital Garage Updates!

#New features make developing even easier!

At Digital Garage the team has been working hard improving user experience. We have added some great new features that we think you are going to like.

Better Kubernetes Support

I know, you didn't think Kubernetes could get any more awesome.

Detailed Service Data

We have deployed improvements to the service details page to include streamlined information on one page.

Kubernetes ConfigMaps Support

With the addition of ConfigMaps to Kubernetes we thought it was important to provide specialized support. From the web console you can now easily view details, edit or create new config maps with the specialized editor.

More help when things go wrong

None of us like it, but the truth is sometimes builds fail. We have made it easier to understand what happened by surfacing the specific build errors. This has been improved in both the web console error messages and more detailed messages in the command line. When you know what is going wrong faster you can fix it in less time.

CI/CD Pipelines via Jenkins

Continuous integration and continuous delivery ensure that building, testing, and releasing software is faster and more frequent. Jenkins is one of the most popular open source automation engines available. We now have built in support for Jenkins CI/CD pipelines through OpenShift. Keep a look out for comprehensive example pipelines to kickstart your DevOps processes with Jenkins in the coming months.

We've been working hard, and we aren't done yet. Let us know what you think about Digital Garage and any updates you would like to see!

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